Acquisition of machine data

The evaluation and recording of machine data is becoming increasingly important in machining production. Machine data offers an easy way to optimize manufacturing processes.

Many machine tool builders already offer their own systems for machine data acquisition. However, these are often limited to their own machines. An efficient and simple evaluation of process data across all machines is rarely possible.

The „Comara appCom“ MDA module for machine data acquisition

Comara appCom is a software solution for data acquisition and data evaluation of machine tools. The process data are stored in a database and made available via a web server.

The machine data can be visualized via a network-compatible devices (desktop, notebook, tablet, smartphone) with a current browser.

Video Comara appCom

How it works

  • Overview of machine utilization and machine run times
  • Real-time recording of the runtimes, the parts and quantities produced
  • Transparency through automatic determination of key figures e.g. OEE
  • Automatic and / or manual assignment of different states e.g. faults, alarms, downtimes, failures
  • Optimization of production processes by converting downtime into value-adding time

Impressions for machine data acquisition

Impressionen zur Maschinendatenerfassung

Shopfloor & machines always under control with Comara appCom. Live. Simple. Quick.

Reduced costs while increasing effectiveness

The software solution for machine data acquisition, or MDA for short, enables you to quickly save costs and increase productivity. Some of the advantages are:

  • The automatic storage of machine data eliminates the need for manual notes and time-consuming evaluations, thus saving you time. Less manipulation and more precise information through the automatic recording of quantities, runtimes or downtimes are further benefits.
  • Reports and transparent evaluations can be generated in seconds at the push of a button. Different documents and versions in e.g. Excel is a thing of the past.
  • Downtimes and malfunctions can be evaluated over any period of time, including a transparent overview of all downtime reasons.

Start now with a transparent evaluation of your machine capacities in your production.


With the MDA module machine data acquisition you keep an overview of your machines without having to be on site. A simple overview of individual machines, machine groups or the entire production is possible via the browser view. Important production key figures such as OEE, availability or runtimes you can now call up on the go.

Connection for all machines and plants

Our competent service team will be happy to connect your machines and systems.

An industrial PC with the software is installed inside the machine and communicates with the machine control system. The industrial PC provides the data for access from “outside” via a web interface.

The essential functions of the software run on a separate industrial PC. The CNC controls provide specific information and after data preparation, these data are independent of the cnc control.

Regardless of the machine manufacturer, the software can be used for various controls and interfaces such as Siemens, Fanuc, Heidenhain, OPC-UA, MT Connect or UMATI. The connection of machines prior to 2005 is also possible through the use of I / O modules.


Q: Can downtimes and machine availability be recorded and, in combination with the downtime reasons, can the overall system effectiveness be determined?

A: Yes, this is possible within our OEE application.

Q: What do you need to know to set up machine data acquisition correctly?

A: Due to the very heterogeneous environment with different interfaces and controls, this question cannot be answered in general. We recommend a short initial discussion with our experts.

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