Machine data monitoring

An important pillar of the Smart Factory is the intelligent interpretation of relevant process data. Comara appCom offers a simple analysis and visualization of machine data with which you can keep an eye on your production in real time.

The production data can be visualized using a network-compatible device (desktop, notebook, tablet, smartphone) with a current browser.

Log in with your personal user name and password via a web access. Different views and notifications can be configured individually.

Get a simple overview of the current machine status, various evaluations, faults or general machine data.

An overview of the advantages
Comara appCom – highlights and benefits at a glance
  • Conversion of downtimes into value-adding time
  • Evaluation of important key figures for machine utilization
  • No additional software needs to be installed because it is web-based
  • Real-time data -> immediate alarm in the event of anomalies
  • Available for various machine controls
  • Automatic monitoring of various machine states
  • Creation of different user groups such as maintenance etc



Detailed explanations of the functions

Dashboard machine overview

The dashboard compresses the machine data collected via monitoring, e.g. Productivity, current program, alarm messages and offers an overview of the individual machines in the displayed network.

When the detail display is expanded, the current values of the individual machines are displayed over a user-defined period. This quick overview enables process data to be evaluated transparently.

The dashboard can be configured individually and users can be assigned different roles.

Production Overview

The Production Overview app enables a quick overview of which machine statuses the production machines had over time. The observation period is freely selectable.

All machines are shown on the same scale. This makes it possible to evaluate the productivity of each machine (operating mode, downtimes) or the assigned machine occupancy (early / late / night shift)

The machine status provides information about the condition of the machine.

If there is currently no production, a distinction is made between whether the machine is waiting for a load or for other reasons such as fault or alarm is pending.

The displayed period of the production overview can be changed and updated.

Production Overview - Produktionsübersicht



The machine control system issues messages or alarms. These messages consist of an error number and a message text.

Comara appCom can use the Alarm app to record these messages over a period of time and display them clearly.

In the Alarm app it is possible to save the most common and current error messages in different formats, e.g. XLS, CSV, PDF export.

The error messages can be made available in the following detailed views:

  • Top ten duration of error messages
  • Top ten number of error messages
  • Max. 500 latest error messages in the observation period

Additional filter options or additional applications are also offered to analyze the machine load for malfunctions or reasons for downtimes.

OEE – Overall Equipment Effectiveness

OEE as an abbreviation of “Overall Equipment Effectiveness” is an important KPI for monitoring and improving the efficiency of production plants. The efficiency is shown in a single key figure.

Relevant factors for efficiency are machine availability, production volume and quality.

Specifically, the OEE states in what percentage of the planned time the systems have produced products that meet quality requirements at maximum speed.

OEE - Overall Equipment Effectiveness

The key figure collected by machine data acquisition provides clear information about the level of performance in production. If there is less than average use of the available capacities, production has room for improvement. Comara appCom records a status and makes it transparent. The evaluation of process data refers to measures to remedy the weaknesses identified. It is only in this combination that the real benefit arises. The performance conditions of a system can change constantly, which is why continuous monitoring with continuous calculation and provision of the key figures is required. The effectiveness of the optimization measures carried out can be checked using Comara appCom.

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