Software for machine data acquisition / MDA

In the manufacturing environment, there are already numerous solutions for machine data acquisition. In order to find out which solutions are suitable, an overview of the different interfaces, communication protocols or machine controls is required.

Machine data acquisition with „Comara appCom” from Comara

Comara appCom offers you an easy way to record machine data of your machines. The process data obtained remains in your company network and can be intelligently networked with other systems if required. This gives you a transparent insight into your manufacturing processes, covers potential for improvement and can increase your productivity.

Advantages and benefits

Reduce costs through:
Increase efficiency through:

Machine connection

Comara appCom takes over the acquisition, evaluation and visualization of your machine data. You can view your production live and receive information about:

Our goal is to connect as many machines as possible in your shopfloor. Analog production systems, 30 year old machines and newer machine types can be connected with the machine data acquisition software.

Pre-processing and compression

Comara appCom stands for a flexible and manufacturer-independent solution for machine data acquisition. Find answers to questions such as

Comara appCom provides you with all relevant machine data and arranges them in clear graphics and diagrams. This gives you transparent production monitoring with real process data. Your start for an efficient performance analysis.

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