Acquisition of machine data

Machine data acquisition, or MDE for short, describes the interface between machines used in production and information processing.

Networked machines can be a first step on the way to a smart factory. The data obtained are recorded, analyzed and evaluated by software solutions. Manufacturing processes become more transparent and potential for improvement in process optimization is more easily identified.

Ideally, the data should not be recorded via mobile data collection, since these often do not indicate the real state of the machines.

In certain cases, the data obtained can also be customized via a “web service” for higher-level systems such as Provide BDE (operational data acquisition) or ERP (enterprise resource planning).

The most important functions of machine data acquisition

Comara appCom takes over the acquisition, evaluation and visualization of your machine data. Using a web browser, you can see live in your production and receive information about:

  • Overview of machine utilization and machine run times
  • Real-time recording of the runtimes, the parts and quantities produced
  • Transparency through automatic determination of key figures, e.g. OEE
  • Automatic and / or manual assignment of different states, e.g. faults, alarms, downtimes, failures
  • Optimization of production processes by converting downtime into value-adding time