Shorten machining times · avoid tool breakage · reduce costs

What is Comara iCut?

The intelligent software Comara iCut can do much more than monitoring the cutting process. It thinks and acts in real time.

Up to 500 times a second, Comara iCut measures the spindle performance and automatically adapts the feed rate to the current cutting conditions. Whether there are deviations in allowances, differing cutting conditions, different cutting depths, workpiece structure fluctuations or incalculable tool wear.

Typical users of the software are e.g.: production managers, machine operators, machine tool builders. Available for Siemens and Heidenhain controls.

Benefits Comara iCut

  • Shorter machining times up to 25%
  • Extended tool usage
  • Avoids tool breakage or tool overload
  • Once installed, permament savings, < 6 months ROI
  • Perfect for milling or drilling operations with a high spindle load
  • Increase of process stability
  • Multi-machine operation & unmanned shifts
  • Better medium chip
  • Prevent tool- and spindle overload situations
  • More constant tool load and tool wear during roughing

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Customer examples

Customer references

“We mainly use iCut for roughing of cast iron parts. The result was an average saving of 11% per tool. ”
“The main reason for using iCut was not to shorten production times. Our focus was on process stability. Since we started using iCut, we have had significantly fewer dropouts and have even saved an entire Saturday shift.”
“By using iCut on several machines, we achieved a saving of approx. 5% on the overall process.”

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